Teach Children to Avoid Toxic Household Products

On March 17, 2014, pharmacist Kandace L. West will educate kindergarten students at Porter Ranch Community School about ways they can avoid harmful products and stay healthy. Dr. West will present safety tips in a short 30 minute educational program that will include storytelling, games, and singing to reinforce the concept of avoiding poisonous substances and always asking an adult before using any products.

This discussion comes during the heart of National Poison Prevention Week, March 16-22nd, 2014, and will focus on the importance of educating children in primary grades (K-1st) to prevent accidental poisonings and drug overdoses.

This is a conversation for both kids and adults. America’s poison centers received over 3 million calls nationwide in 2012 from adults in need of help for a loved one who was exposed to poison, according to the National Association of Poison Centers.  The California Poison Control system reports the most common unintentional poisonings involved common household products including bleach and over-thecounter medication like acetaminophen (generic for Tylenol®).

The age group most likely to be the victim of accidental and unintentional poisonings in California in 2012 were children five years or younger and adults over 26 years of age.

Pharmacists like Dr. West play a tremendous role in providing advice at the National and California Poison Call Centers as well as in our communities to educate children and families about the potential dangers of common household products and medicines.

Poison prevention program at Porter Ranch Community School:

PRCS Kindergarten classes & Transitional Kindergarten

Monday March 17, 8:30-9:30am

12450 Mason Avenue

Porter Ranch, CA 91326