Today’s Healthcare System Is More Challenging Than Ever

This typically means less personal attention from your healthcare providers. As for medication, it can result in higher prescription costs, unrecognized drug interactions, side effects, or worse. That is, until now.

Your Personal Medication Consultant

Introducing Pharmacist Integrative Healthcare. In simple terms, we’re your personal medication consultant. We are focused on you, and how to achieve the best medical outcomes from your drug therapy. The result can be improved health, reduced medication costs, and overall optimized medication therapy for you.

Saving Money, Improving Health

If you are taking more than one prescription medication, or you have prescriptions from more than one doctor, you run a higher risk of having issues with your medication therapy. We are experts and specialize in medications. We can help assess your situation to make sure you are taking the right medications, at the right time, in the right doses, for the proper duration of therapy.

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Medication safety is important. By collaborating with an individual’s healthcare providers, as well as working with their families, attorneys, geriatric care managers, social workers, homecare agencies and fiduciaries, we comprehensively review an individual’s medication to ensure their regimen is safe and appropriate, while optimizing medication therapy and resolving any medication-related problems.

Medication Risk Screening Tool

Please circle either the number '1' for an affirmative response, or the number ‘0’ for a negative response, to the corresponding questions below.

Is the individual you are concerned about a child, adolescent, or older adult?
Special populations such as these are inherently more likely to be at risk for medication-related problems.

Does the individual you are concerned with see more than one physician regularly, and receive prescription medication from more than one of these physicians?
Multiple providers increase the risk for medication-related problems secondary to a lack of efficient communication amongst providers.

Is the individual on a long-term drug therapy regimen?
e.g. medications for conditions for high blood pressure, diabetes, mood/mental health conditions, chronic infections, Parkinson’s, ADHD, Asthma and COPD.

Does the individual take any OTCs, nutritional supplements, and/or herbal products?
OTCs, supplements, and herbals have the potential to interact with prescription medications since they are metabolized and cleared from the body through the same mechanisms as prescription medications.

Is the individual taking a total of five or more medications of any type or combination thereof?
Combinations of medications can increase the risk for medication-related problems.

Does the individual have issues or concerns with memory or cognition?
Changes in memory can sometimes be associated with medication-related problems.

Does the individual have issues with mood or behavior?
Changes in mood or behavior can sometimes be associated with medication-related problems.

Is more than one pharmacy used to stock the individual’s medicine cabinet?
Filling prescriptions at more than one pharmacy can increase the likelihood of medication-related problems.

Is the individual experiencing or suspected of experiencing a side effect from their medications?
Some medications are associated with a higher risk of medication-related problems like unwanted side effects and adverse reactions and all should be reviewed for safety. For example, some individuals may experience severe muscle pain and stiffness while taking a statin for high cholesterol.

Does the individual have difficulty with medication compliance or rely on a family member or caregiver for daily administration of medications?
Individuals who are unable to take medications as prescribed or rely on others increase their risk of medication-related problems.

Has the individual recently been discharged from a hospital or medical care facility within the past two months?
Individuals who have been recently hospitalized are at increased risk for medication errors.

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If the total score falls into the Medium or High risk categories, please complete the form below.

Referral for Comprehensive Medication Review

Please feel free to contact us with any questions (818) 514-2183

Non-Profits and Community Organizations


In the effort to maximize the health of communities everywhere, we work with elementary schools, senior centers, churches, housing communities, and assisted living facilities. Health education and individualized medication consulting solutions are provided to address the unique needs of each organization and communities that they serve.

Healthcare and Technology company solutions


Our unique and combined experience in the field of healthcare, integrative healthcare, personalized health and geriatrics allows us to share our expertise with healthcare technology companies. We consult on medications, medication management, and chronic disease management for healthcare technology startups whose goals are to provide technology to help improve individual health and/or the delivery of healthcare through meaningful use and disruptive technology.

Discharge at bedside services


Healthcare costs continue to rise and the incentives reside in ensuring that effective and appropriate use of healthcare is maintained and internal (and externally mandated) goals are reached. We work with acute care facilities, IPAs, insurance companies and employers to enact solutions to boost cost-effectiveness of medication use and safety, focusing on transitions of care, medication reconciliation, chronic disease management, medication compliance, and utilization.