At Pharmacist Integrative Healthcare, our MedCare Pharmacists aim to solve problematic medication issues by individually reviewing all of your medications and providing you with highly personalized medication advice.


Do you have a quick medication-related question? Don’t rely on a google search to provide you with specific medication information, schedule a quick Chat with our MedCare Pharmacist.

For a fee of $10, you can schedule a quick Chat and speak to one of our MedCare Pharmacists via phone. Please be advised that a Chat can only be initiated for one medication problem or question and if there is more than one medication, problem, condition or a concern, it is at the clinical discretion of the MedCare Pharmacist to recommend a Talk to better address your question.

After the Chat you will be provided with a follow-up email that summarizes the recommendations that were provided so that you can discuss with your doctor at your next visit.


Do you have a long or short list of medications you are unsure of? Do you want to cut back on your prescriptions or over-the-counter products? Are you taking care of an aging parent or relative and you’re confused about all of the medications they will need?

Schedule a Talk with a MedCare Pharmacist to learn more about how we can help you reduce your medication use and optimize your health. The fee for this service is $125 and once payment has been made you can schedule a Talk to speak to one of our MedCare Pharmacists today!

In order for us to provide you with the most comprehensive in-depth medication review and individualized recommendations, you must submit to us via email, prior to your appointment:

  1. Complete list of medications and over-the-counter products, plus the herbals and supplements you or the person you are caring for is currently taking

  2. Recent physician visit notes (less than 6 months), that you can request from your doctor, or can be downloaded via your healthcare insurance or provider portal (i.e., BlueCross/Shield, Kaiser, United, Cigna)

  3. Lab test results from less than 6 months ago

After the Talk you will receive a follow-up email, which summarizes the recommendations that were provided, so that you can discuss with your doctor at your next visit.


Would you prefer for us to visit you? Available in select locations you can schedule an in-home Visit by a MedCare Pharmacist who will take time to review all of your medications in the convenience of your home. The fee for this service is available upon inquiry, please reach out to our team to schedule an appointment today!

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ for a complete list of help topics.