Does my insurance cover the cost of this review?

We do not accept insurance coverage, but once payment has been received for the service, you can request from us a superbill which you will be responsible for submitting to your insurance for a reimbursement request.

What info do I need in order to sign-up?

You should have a complete list of medications, over-the-counter products, herbals and supplements you or the person you are caring for is currently taking.

How do I sign-up for my personal medication review with a MedCare pharmacist consultant?

Schedule an appointment online by clicking here.  Select a convenient date and time on our calendar and get started with a MedCare Pharmacist.

How much is the monthly cost?

There is no monthly or yearly cost. The fees are listed in each sections above (Chat, Talk, and Visit).

As a customer, is my information private and safe?

Yes, we make sure to safeguard your information.  The privacy of your healthcare information is important to us at Pharmacist Integrative Healthcare. The information that you submit will be disclosed only to MedCare Pharmacists at Pharmacist Integrative Healthcare, Inc. for the sole purpose of answering your questions and responding to your health requests. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third-parties for marketing purposes. For questions about your privacy while using this website, please contact us.

Will I need to fill out more information, besides my medication list?

Yes, you will need to consent to Pharmacist Integrative Healthcare services electronically. Read and sign HIPAA compliant documents (for healthcare privacy and security purposes). Sign-up for a Pharmacist Integrative Healthcare account on the MedCare online portal, use your email, create a password, login, and pay for the service via credit card.

What types of medications will I have to list?

Anything and everything, from prescription medications your doctor gives you, to herbal remedies, and over-the-counter vitamins that you buy. The more information our MedCare Pharmacist has, the better they will be able to assist and recommend healthier alternatives to add your current regimen.

How long does an average appointment last?

Our goal is to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed, but approximate times are: Chat 2-5 min, Talk 20-30min, Visit 30-45min.

What is the difference between pharmacists who dispense medicine at a local pharmacy versus MedCare Pharmacists?

Pharmacists at a local pharmacy focus solely on dispensing medicine and do not have access to your medical records or labs. They also do not have the time to comprehensively review all of the medications you are taking. Our MedCare Pharmacists do not dispense medications and focus on all the medications you are taking and have valuable medicine insight that will aid in ensuring that your current medication regimen is best for you.

I am not in the Los Angeles, California area, can I still benefit from MedCare pharmacy consultants?

Yes, of course, as long as you have a computer and a phone.  There are no in-person office visits required. Patients often feel rushed for time at a doctor’s office, or perhaps they are uncomfortable asking additional questions… Our MedCare Pharmacists take their time to learn about your health, this way, we can provide you with in-depth and valuable information regarding medicine interactions.